Learn more about the services we offer. Below, you will find detailed summaries of the treatments offered at the ranch dental centre. If you would like to receive further clarification and/or simply want to learn more, feel free to call our office and have all your questions answered.

Gentle & Friendly Treatment

We practice dentistry with your needs and comfort in mind! When you are undergoing a treatment, you will find the experience to be quite pleasant. We conduct sessions according to your own pace, ensuring comfort while minimizing pain. Our clients have been quite receptive to our friendly style of practicing dentistry!

Root Canals

A successful root canal treatment can help preserve your natural tooth, as opposed to having to pull it out. When the nerve of your tooth (also known as the pulp or soft tissue) becomes infected, injured or turns into dead tissue, a treatment must be done to ensure that serious side effects don't occur. Side effects to having an infected and/or problematic pulp area can include complications like severe pain & swelling, the shifting of teeth in your mouth as well as jaw problems. By undergoing a root canal procedure, you can avoid all these problems and rule out the need for an artificial tooth.

White Fillings & Bonding

Made of materials that match the natural colour of your teeth, white (or, composite) fillings restore the natural beauty of your teeth. We can match fillings very closely to your natural tooth colour so that they seamlessly integrate into your teeth. White fillings are excellent options for both front and back teeth. In addition, the white fillings we use have proven to be extremely durable and stain resistant.

Bonding is a procedure that repairs minor chips found in your teeth. It is fast and relatively painless, which makes it a great treatment option for minor chips. The material used is a what is known as a composite resin, which can be tinted to match the normal colour of your own teeth. Aside from chips, bonding is also useful in cases where teeth need to be contoured and shaped so as to restore structure and fill in minor gaps. It can also be used to repair stained teeth by simply painting a layer of the material over the stain.

Cleaning & Gum Treatments

It is essential to commit to a regular dental cleansing program in order to ensure the health of your teeth. Plan to visit your dental hygienist twice per year in order to prevent issues like cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. Advanced gum disease can lead to tooth loss and this can easily be prevented with a regular cleansing program. A professional clean includes tooth scaling and polishing followed by a fluoride treatment. Between cleanings, practising a good oral hygiene program is key. By brushing frequently and flossing daily, you will prevent the accumulation of plaque. Call to book your cleansing treatment with us today.

Crowns & Bridges

If your tooth has been damaged but is not entirely lost, we can apply a crown for you. A crown is essentially a cap that covers the damaged portion of your tooth, which functions to prevent further damage as well as provide the sort of function that your natural tooth can no longer provide. Typically, crowns are indicated or possibly needed in cases of a root canal, if there's an over-sized filling in your tooth, if a tooth has become broken or even if your tooth is poorly shaped and/or not in line. Crowns are made out of various metals, porcelain or a combination of porcelain and metal fused together. They are quite durable as well;

It is always our goal to help preserve your natural teeth. However, if a tooth is lost, it creates an empty space and this is a concern as your remaining teeth can start to shift out of place due to the presence of gaps. To prevent this, bridges and/or dentures are utilized. Bridges are false (or, artificial) teeth that look just like your missing teeth. By placing them in the gaps caused by missing teeth, they prevent shifting and restore your natural smile. Bridges are held firmly in place by your surrounding teeth, they are permanent and they cannot be removed.


Extractions (or, the removal of teeth) are performed for a variety of reasons. If you have developed advanced tooth decay to the point that restoration is not possible, an extraction would be necessary. Extractions are also performed when problematic teeth need to be removed (such as wisdom teeth). An extraction is also useful in the cases where space is needed in the mouth in order to align all your remaining teeth properly (preparing for orthodontic treatments).

Veneers & Dentures

Dental Veneers make your teeth look better by changing their colour, shape or spacing. They are made of thin acrylic or porcelain shells and they attach to the front part of your teeth. Veneers are typically indicated for the use of covering up teeth that have been stained, chipped or are uneven. They can also be used to cover up large fillings.

Dentures can help to restore the form and function of your mouth, if teeth have been lost. There are two types of dentures, Partial Dentures and Full Dentures. Similar to bridges, partial dentures help to restore the loss of one or a few teeth. They are removable and they held in place by the gums and the presence of surrounding teeth. Full Dentures are used if there are no teeth left in the mouth to support them, in which case they are held in place by the natural vacuum present in the mouth as well as locking mechanisms. In the past, dentures did not allow patients to eat certain foods or chew hard materials, however with significant advances in denture technology, new devices are now available on the market that will enable you to function normally.

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