Dr. Ash(Ashkan) Hamzehi

Dr. Ash Hamzehi is a general practitioner family dentist who holds two doctorate of dental surgery degrees from Melli University in 2002 and prestigious Dalhousie University of Nova Scotia in 2008. He also worked on two dental research projects at University of Toronto in 2003.

Dr. Ash is a member of Canadian Dental Association, Alberta Dental Association and college as well as former member of Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.

He also maintains strong emphasis on getting to know each of his patient's needs. He is an avid believer in providing his patients with evidence based dentistry.

Aside from dentistry, he enjoys skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, and playing guitar; Dr. Ash believes that it is truly a joy to serve you and accepts you with a warm smile. He also looks forward to show you how regular dentistry can improve your health.

Dr. Kafrouny

Dr. Kafrouny is a general practitioner family dentist. Her passion for human health started in the late 90`s while working on her first degree in microbiology and immunology. She was given a great opportunity to participate in cystic fibrosis research programs and work directly with affected children. Dr. Kafrouny completed her training in 2005 at Dalhousie University, one of the best International Institutions.

Shortly after, she started providing dental care to residents of beautiful Maritimes which expanded her knowledge and expertise to a great extent; her endeavours there continued for seven years after which she decided to move from the amazingly beautiful Atlantic coast to the charismatic Rocky mountains of Alberta.

Dr. Kafrouny and Dr. Ash share a common philosophy regarding the practice of dentistry which they proudly inherited from the great Dalhousie faculty of dentistry.

Dr. Kafrouny is also is fan of hockey and lacrosse as well as outdoor activities; she would be happy to meet you and help you to achieve and maintain a beautiful smile.

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